Mini Speed Forms (bodies) clear for Painters

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Miniature test bodies for paint practice | Test new painting techniques | Modeled with reference to a full-size car shape | Very helpful to try new textures and colors before paint your own body or the ones of your Clients


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The kit include 4x Mini Speed Forms clear and represent a very helpful tool for the Painters who want to make some practice and testing new techinques; if you want to improve your painting skill this is the kind of accessory that you need! WHY? Because before testing the new idea, the new texture you have in mind you experiment for the first time using a Mini Speed Form, then you repeat the practice on the real body shell.

The Speed Forms are also great for displaying paint colors, if you mixed more paints to obtain a custom color and you're not sure if the tonality is the exact color you are looking for, the SF is the perfect tool for this purpose.


  • Made with genuine Polycarbonate clear Lexan
  • Sold clear with Protective Fiilm outside
  • Sold in kit (4pcs)
  • Sizes: 190mm x 90mm