Frequently Asked Questions

Bittydesign is not responsible for application and/or installation errors and for any damage that may occur, to the customers’ property, during or after application. Names and all other information, general or personal, will be processed exactly as per the customer on-line order form. Any re-order placed, due to mistakes by the customer, will be produced at the customers expense. For any other product and/or order issues, please contact Bittydesign direct for a return authorization.

All Bittydesign bodies made by us are sold clear, the ones displayed in our pages are painted for advertise purposes only. It is up to you to create a paint scheme for your body.

We offer the possibility to buy all our products directly from our website, simply click on the Buy Now button to begin your shopping experience. In many cases is better for you to check the local Distributor (here) we have in your country, he will be pleased to indicate to you the dealer closer to you. When you need only a single item is not always convenient for you to purchase it directly from us, international shipment cancel the advantage. We invite you to support your local model shop.

Our system will automatically bill all orders that are placed on our website. Therefore, all orders are Prepaid at the time they are placed.

If your model is not specifically mentioned in the item description you may still be in luck. If it’s not specifically stated due to the variances of shock tower positions and body mount locations, it is very difficult to say whether our existing bodies will successfully mount onto your chassis. With the correct mounting procedure and custom cutouts you may be able to get them to fit your chassis. We cannot give you a definite answer our suggestion would be to take your model to your local hobby shop and test fit the body prior to purchase just to make sure that there wouldn’t be something that would stop you inevitably.

Join our Team depends from many aspects and predisposition of driver to do promotion. We offer different sponsorship levels and we take care case-by-case. Take a look to the Sponsorships Opportunites page of the website and send your form.

You are welcome and thank you for thinking at Bittydesign for your race. We are pleased to offer the Sponsorship Track Pack for all promotional requests. The Track Pack is real cheap way to shown our logo on your racetrack or also in your model shop. Email or fax us a copy of your business license and also your race event flyer if available, including the number of entries, and depending on the size of your event we’ll provide you the Track Pack for just 50€. If you need more information regarding the Sponsorship Track Pack please visit the specific page of the website here.

Yes you can, depending from country where your shop is located. If we have local Distributor in your nation we will put you directly in contact with him, if your model shop is placed in an area still not covered by any official distributor we can open a Dealer account directly with you. Click here and fill the Form to send your request. 

Yes you can! We give the possibility to our Customers who live near our address to take their order directly from our headquarter. 

If you order a clear body shell and/or accessories the parcel leave our warehouse in 1/2 working days after the date of the order; if you order a painted body shell the time frame is about 30 to 45 working days (not including the transit time) after you place the order, it depends on the moment of the year.

We take payments via PayPal and online Credit Card transaction.

No. Customs, duties, and taxes are not included in your shipping fee paid to us. You will need to pay any customs, duties, or tax fees to your local delivery person after your packages are processed by customs. Bittydesign is unable to determine what your country may charge you for these fees.

We ship World Wide. When you are placing the order during the Checkout select your country and the software will calculate automatically the best shipping rate to your destination.

We cannot list any amount other than the actual amount paid by you on invoices or customs forms. Please do not ask us to list a lower amount, or list your order as a 'gift', as this would be illegal for us to do.

Of course, this is part of what we do everydays! Our paint dept. will be pleased to satisfy all requests, we realize many of the most copied and imitated graphics from painters placed all around the worlds. Mail us and provide more info you can together with photos if necessary to obtain an exact quote.

Our Liquid Mask represent a new generation product indispensable for all hobbistic and professional airbruscher who like paint RC bodies. LM gives to people at all levels the possibility to obtain perfect paintworks with max. quality and fun. This is strictly reccomended product developed on thousand bodies from the finest Italian RC paint expert company in the world. Here you can watch the tutorial video of our LM.

Yes we offer also this type of service. Be sure before ship the body to us to pack it properly and send email before filling the Form here to tune up the custom graphic you need and receive an exact paintwork quotation from our side.