ARES-1 GT12 body

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The body is sold Clear and is painted for adv. purposes only.
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The body is sold Clear and is painted for adv. purposes only.

All our  body shells are 100% Made in Italy   Unique and original design. Try it and you'll be thrilled.

ARES-1 is pure performance for the GT12 class

Designed with the desire to create an unconventional body thanks to highly refined and extreme aerodynamic; ARES-1 moves the performance bar to a new level.

The ARES-1 body combines the quest for maximum performance and a look that leaves you breathless from any angle!

Premium Quality first of all

Our philosophy leads us not to settle for mediocrity or speculation, for each project we always pursue the same common thread: the best or nothing. To obtain products that fully meet our expectations, we dedicate months of virtual design and rendering in order to allow us to evaluate any improvements or details to be corrected.

QUALITY without any compromise is the basis of everything we make, the ARES-1 body shell represents the perfect implementation of our philosophy that drives us to do better and that encourages us to make use of our know-how acquired in over 17 years of experience.

Bittydesign Engineering is synonymous with guarantee, authenticity and innovation. 

Made with one target: the performance

To achieve maximum performance, we tested the body several times and made radical changes to the original design, we wanted to make sure we could offer an absolute performance product that would become the new benchmark for the GT12 category.

The aerodynamics of the ARES-1 will surprise you because during development we put all our experience into it and optimised every detail with the focus on maximum performance. The ease with which this body will allow you to 'push' your limits will leave you speechless every time you use it on your model.

Liquid Mask

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Product Features

The ARES-1 body is compatible with SupaStox and SupaStox GT plus any other 1/12 scale model in the GT12 category.

  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • Produced in Light Weight version, thickness of material 0,75mm
  • Included in the kit a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing
  • Sold clear with protective film outside
  • Included in the package a decal sheet pre-cut and windows mask

3D Cad design & engineering

In order to respect our quality standards, we have not set any limits and we have realized the ARES-1 project with the use of the most advanced graphics and Cad design; this process guarantees a perfect execution of the forms and details that high-tech machinery realize with 5-axis CNC milling machines.

The product we deliver in the hands of the enthusiast represents the best available on the market today, we exploit and make full use of the most advanced technology to guarantee a result that represents at best the Italian excellence.

Photo Gallery

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