Magnetic Body Post Marker Kit

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The Bittydesign Magnetic Body Post Marker Kit is the right choice to make perfect holes on your body shell, 6 different iridium colors to meet your preference.

First of all we are racers like you and we know well how difficult is to make the body post holes perfectly trimmed left and right: the magnets kit resolve the problem with semplicity and rapidity. Say goodbye to wrong holes or bodies mounted not straight on the chassis, with the high-powered magnets you will obtain exact position of your car's body posts in a minute. Check out the ease of use of the tool in the following clip!

The kit is optimized to be used on all the 1/10 scale Off and On-Road cars as wll also on 1/12 scale On-road models cars; the diameter of the body post must be a max. of 6mm (not wider).