Stay addicted to Bittydesign and WIN! Join our Social Movement Contest Giveaway.

How to participate to the Giveaway Contest?

It's so easy! Follow our social channels, click 'Like' to our pages and post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using our official hashtag #Bittydesign and #Giveaway.

How does it works the Giveaway Contest?

  1. Take your picture including at least one Bittydesign's product
  2. Share your photo on Instagram and/or Facebook, remember to add to the text the hashtag #Bittydesign and #Giveaway
  3. Wait the end of the month to know if you are the winner!

What do you win?

If your photo is the best you are the Winner of the Month and you will receive FOR FREE a Special Pack of Bittydesign products with commercial value over 100€!*

*Note: The value of the products included into the package is totally FREE, responsibility of the winner are only shipping charges (25€ Worldwide).

The name of the winner will be communicated and posted online on our channels the first week of next month. Participating cost nothing, so enjoy and don't miss this fantastic opportunity!

Photo Gallery of the Winners!

Click the images to enlarge

We Monitor your hashtag

Every 48 hours we verify the use of the hashtag #Bittydesign and #Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook, the best photos posted will then be selected to decide the winner of the month.

Remember to include at least one Bittydesign's product (no matter that it is a body, a buggy wing, a t-shirt, an accessory, a pair of sunglasses, our Liquid Mask or other...) and prepare at best your pic to have higher chance to win.