Carry Bag for 1/10 On-road bodies

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The Carry Bag for the transport of 1/10 On-road body shells has been thinked and realized for the enthusiasts who like and want the order; the bodies are nice parts of the hobby and they need proper space when stay at your home and also during the races. 

practical, comfortable and really simple accessory but at same time thinked well in all the details:

  • all new materials, we've completely re-designed the structure of the bag respect the old version, now it stay rigid and doesn't deform during hot summer days
  • front panels light smoke that allow to see easily the bodies inside the bag
  • side panels sports our new graphic, cool, modern and contemporary
  • sizes are well trimmed, the bag has been tailored to carry the 1/10 bodies (touring, FWD and GT) 190/200mm width

The bag can hold up to 7/8 bodies (placed alternating each other) with the rear wing installed; if FWD the bag's cabability is reduced to 6/7 bodies.