ALL NEW 1/10 Touring 190mm body shells!

After many months of testing and continuous research of improving our products, we are very pround to offer now our Striker 3.0, Nardò, M15 and ASCARI bodies with a COMPLETE new level respect the past.

It's a very New Era, a new point of start.

➀ >> Brand new material and supplier, now the bodies are thermoformed MUCH better than the past

➁ >> Thanks to a better homogeneity of the polycarbonate the bodies now they perform MUCH better than before

➂ >> Thanks to the experience of the new supplier now the weight of the bodies is about -14% than the past, a HUGE step ahead that makes now our TC bodies the lighter on the market!

➃ >> MUCH more quality and performance than the past but LOWER price!

👉 If you have ever said "I want to try a Bittydesign body" now is the best moment to do it! 👈

Check out the 190mm TC bodies line here