Painting Starter Kit

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We offer a complete Painting Starter Kit that allow to anyone to start create his own artworks using professional products tested and recommended by Bittydesign Company. 

The Kit include:

  • 1x Parma PSE F-1 Dual Action Airbrush Set #40260
  • 1x Parma PSE F-1 Dual Action Airbrush Adapters Set (3pcs included) #40243
  • 1x Parma PSE F-1 Dual Action Airbrush Needle #40272
  • 1x Parma PSE F-1 Dual Action Airbrush Tip #40275
  • 1x Bittydesign Liquid Mask 16oz (0,5kg) bottle #BD-LM16
  • 6x Faskolor paints
  • 1x LRP White spray can (150ml) #28100
  • 1x LRP Nitro Block spray can (150ml) #28602
  • 1x Ultimate Racing White spray can (150ml) #2905


All the products of this list are the SAME we use each day to create our custom and mass production rc body shells.