Parma PSE F-1 Dual Action Airbrush Set #40260

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FASKOLOR F-1 Dual Action Airbrush is designed with a medium tip which delivers a smooth spray and broad range of fine to heavy coverage. The dual action trigger is easy to use (push down for air, pull back for paint) and achieve great results for the beginner to seasoned body painter. The FASKOLOR Bottle Adaptor makes it easy to plug a paint bottle into the airbrush for quick coverage and ease of use (this requires 40-50lbs of air pressure).

The set includes an Airbrush, Air Hose with 3/8" Brass Compressor Adaptor, Airbrush Holder, Bottle Adaptor and Mixing Bottle (not shown).

FASKOLOR F-1 Dual Action Airbrush is used all days by Bittydesign expert painters and allow to us to create the most finest and imitated artworks in the world.